Business Membership

Business Members (non-voting) are individuals who represent organizations who wish to join The Church Network for commercial purposes and support of The Church Network, its mission, and its programs. This category includes those individuals or individuals representing organizations that provide consulting services to churches. Business members are not eligible to hold office or vote, but they will be listed on the Chapter Roster and share in all other services and responsibilities of membership. The membership year is September to August.

NOTE – Membership in the Dallas Chapter #1 is not the same as membership in the National organization. You are encouraged to be affiliated with both. To learn more about national membership click here.

Annual Business Membership Fee - $50.00

  • Applies to One Person
  • Includes a Name and Company Name listing on the Business Member's Directory Page of the Chapter Website
  • Invitation to Monthly Chapter Luncheon ($10.00 fee)
  • Includes Listing on Monthly eVite

To become an active 2021-2022 Business Member online [Join Now] to join the old fashioned way (by mail or in person), please download and complete this 2021-2022 Business Membership Form and follow the instructions.