lunch cropThe Dallas chapter #1 of The Church Network welcomes your active participation as we provide support, programs, and opportunities to help our members grow professionally. Ultimately, we seek to advance the Kingdom of God through our work through the local church.

NOTE – Membership in the Dallas Chapter #1 is not the same as membership in the National organization. You are encouraged to be affiliated with both. To learn more about national membership click here.

General Membership Classifications

Active Members are employed full-time or part-time on staff of a Christian church in a business administration or administrative capacity. This may include denominational members with like responsibilities who serve at other levels or these denominations such as Presbyteries, Synods, Conferences, Dioceses, etc. Also, active duty members of the United States Armed Forces who are assigned duties such as Chapel Manager, Chaplain’s Assistant, or other Christian business administrative duties in their military service. Active members must be professing and practicing members of the Christian faith and must subscribe to the NACBA Code of Ethics. Active members are required to maintain their NACBA Chapter membership. The membership year is September to August. Active Member Dues: $25 per year.

To become a 2021-2022 Active Member online [Join Now]  to join the old fashioned way (by mail or in person), please download and complete this 2021-2022 Church Staff Membership Form and follow the instructions.

Affiliate Members (non-voting) are individuals who do not meet the definitions for Active or Business membership. Affiliate members are ineligible to hold office or vote, but they will be listed on the Chapter Roster and share in all other services and responsibilities of membership. The membership year is September to August. Affiliate Member Dues: $25 per year. 

Emeritus and Honorary Membership (voting) is conferred by NACBA or the Chapter Executive Committee. Emeritus and Honorary Members receive full recognition and privileges should they desire to become members of the Dallas Chapter.

General Membership Dues

This fee includes the cost of catered meals at our monthly luncheon. Those persons desiring to attend the luncheon without joining are welcome for a fee of $10.00 per meeting, which includes lunch.